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Busy B Disposable Pen – Ghost Ship


Some refer to it as Ghost Ship OG, but the lineage remains the same: Purple Kush Starship and Gupta Kush meet for a union that’s full of bliss.

Clocking in at a high of 20%, Ghost Ship is a great strain for experienced users or novices who feel they are ready for the next level of fun. Sweet and skunky flavors and smells are only slightly overpowered by a kushy aroma, a no-brainer given its parentage, making for a treat that’s best appreciated by a refined palate. Nugs of this rarity are small and tightly packed, with a dark tone that’s contrasted by lots of sticky resin.

Unlike other indica-dominant strains, Ghost Ship doesn’t completely knock you out and render you useless for the bulk of your high. Instead, it embodies the definition of well-balanced by giving users an experience that’s introspective and relaxing. Your high will begin with a boost in your mental state, showing you that all is right with the world as you settle down. As the effects fade into your body, you’ll comedown into a fairly lethargic state, but your ability to ask the deeper questions in life remains intact.

An absolute winner for stress reduction, Ghost Ship is pretty much the perfect way to end a busy day. Medicinal patients note that it works wonders for bodily aches and pains, including cramps, headaches, and muscle soreness, and helps to ease you off to sleep while feeling great. Whether your medical concerns are predominantly in your mind or body, this strain comes in like a superhero, ready to save the day and bring you to a happy and even place.

Great for those who have always wanted to ponder the meaning of life without getting bogged down in the details, it’s a great way to end your day and ensure that you’ll sleep easy. Ghost Ship is pretty rare, so be sure to treat it like the magic potion that it truly is.

Quantity:  1 Disposable Pen
Dosage: 5oomg THC/Pen

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