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Critical Viking


Critical Viking is an indica-dominant strain. In fact, it lies heavily toward the indica side, with 90% indica genetics. With this combination, you’d be right in assuming that Critical Viking has potent indica effects that will have you glued to the couch and drifting off in no time.

This strain’s breeding history is much debated. It’s likely a cross between Afghani IBL and an unknown strain. Although not the most common strain around, it’s not impossible to get a hold of some Critical Viking bud. And when you see it, it’s not a strain you want to miss! Critical Viking offers up an incredible flavor profile, predominantly one of sweet berries. There are other, more complex notes, too.

Its flavor aside, Critical Viking provides an enjoyable indica high. It begins quite quickly, with a reasonably high THC content that sets in fast. The effects will hit you pretty quickly, and the powerful body high will have you sinking into the nearest couch. Be prepared, because you won’t be moving from that position for some time to come!

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