Josh D OG


If you’re a fan of OG Kush strains, you’ll jump for joy the first time you try Josh D OG. Crafted by the man himself, it’s a three-way cross between SFV OG, Hell’s Angels OG, and Triangle Kush. With roots dating back to 1991, there’s no denying that this indica-dominant strain is a true legend.

Rumor has it that Josh D OG is a fairly potent bud, however no one can pinpoint exact THC percentages. At best, most are sure it falls well above 20%. It makes sense too, as these deep green nugs boast a very thick layer of trichomes and thin amber pistils. Aromas and flavors do slightly vary here, with tastes that blend sweet citrus, berries, and wood. Scents do feature some of the same notes, yet it’s more of a berry and cheese smell that will capture you.

Perfect for the end of a long day, this strain imparts a deep sense of relaxation that’s ideal when you want to mentally and physically check out. An initial burst of euphoria goes straight to your head without affecting your body, and as time goes on, you’ll start to fall into a hazy and sleepy state. Physical effects soon follow, with a heavy feeling that lulls you to sleep. Many users find that Josh D OG brings on arousal as well, so try smoking some with a loved one before going to bed for the night.

A great option for escaping from the world without being too stoney, this strain is great for medical users who suffer from depression and stress. Leave your cares at the door and find relief from other conditions as well, including headaches and cramps. If you have a hard time falling asleep at night, a few tokes should take care of your concern, leaving you feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed the next day. As with all strains, it’s recommended that you try some when you have zero plans to make sure you don’t instantly fall asleep.

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