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Lemon Snow Cone


A cross between the award-winning Super Lemon Haze male and a Lemon Tree female, Lemon Snow Cone’s aroma and flavor is loud and citrusy, with a musky and exotic essence of lemon fruit and sour candy. Its fern green buds are coated in a trichome frost that hints at its potency. Thin, brown pistils curl themselves around the frosty nugs.

Though Lemon Snow Cone is a hybrid, its effects may lean toward the Sativa or Indica side, depending on its phenotypes. Shorter phenotypes have been noted to produce a louder lemon smell and lean more towards the Sativa side, while larger phenotypes tend to have more Indica lean.

Upon the first inhalation, many users reported Lemon Snow Cone to produce a mood-altering, uplifting euphoria and relaxation. Eventually, they say this relaxation gave way to a calming, full-body blissful stone, that left many feeling elevated and pain-free.

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