Lemoncello (Hybrid)


A marriage between the Original Lemonnade and Cherry Pie produced the flavour bomb that is Lemonchello. This variety inherited many desirable traits from its parent strains and is a true cannabis superstar. Lemonchello delivers a vibrant experience that is packed with citrusy vibes. It’s highly versatile, lending itself well to smoking, vaping and making edibles. The indica/sativa influence is pretty balanced in its genetics, which makes for a great, multifaceted smoke.

As its name suggests, the aromas and flavours that come through in Lemonchello’s smoke or vapor are packed with citrus fruit. Both lemon and the slightly bitter lime are noticeable and thanks to its Cherry Pie lineage, hints of cherry are also prominent. Overall, the variety will suit those who like fruity, complex cannabis profiles. In terms of effects, Lemonchello offers the best of both worlds thanks to its balanced profile. It makes users happy and uplifts their mood instantly, leaving them relaxed and content.

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