Mac 9 (Hybrid)


Mac 9 is evenly-balanced and not heavy on either side of the Indica/Sativa spectrum. It is in great request among recreational consumers and is becoming popular with medical marijuana smokers due to its mild therapeutic effects; however, patients with severe diseases should opt for a stronger option.

This phenotype is rich in terpenes, naturally-occurring compounds synthesized by the plant that determine its aroma profile. The top layer of aromas released by its dried flowers is a mix of woody and blueberry scents. Terpinolene is responsible for this combo. Smokers with a keen sense of smell also determine coffee notes (brought by pinene) with a touch of sweetness (affected by caryophyllene).

In smokers, the Mac 9 strain energizes the brain and provides a head high, which is happy, euphoric, and giggly. This cannabis is a popular option for creative types who require inspiration for their projects.

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