Pink Candy Rain


Pink Candy Rain is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain. It is 55% Indica and 45% Sativa, and it is created by crossing Gelato and London Poundcake. These two strains are grown by Cookies Fam Genetics and are the most popular strains along the entire West Coast. The dominant terpene in Pink Candy Rain is caryophyllene, with 16-21% THC levels.

The Pink Candy Rain weed stimulates your senses and leaves you giggling for hours. The high starts by launching your brain into happiness while your body is in a relaxing and calm state, but you still aren’t that sedated or couch-locked. The top reported effects are happiness and euphoria. Each hit is a mix of fruity sweet candy flavors with a hit of sour citrus. The aroma is just as tasty, consisted of the smell of fresh earth and pungent nuttiness, with a fruity and sweet berry undertone. The top reported aromas are spices, skunk, and diesel.

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