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Purple Power


The Purple Power strain is one that regular users simply adore. This Sativa is the result of a cross between an old skunks (most likely Skunk #1) and Purple Haze. Its THC content is on the higher end of average – varying between 15% and 20%.

Purple Power gained much noteriety after taking home first place in the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup of 1998, and has been considered a Grade A strain ever since. The dark colored nugs have crystals throughout them, and are quite fluffy. You can expect a sweet and fruity aroma emanating from the Purple Power buds (especially when broken open), but there might be some sour undertone to it.

Purple Power tastes just as you would expect from its smell – a fruity, tropical taste mingled with sweetness. Upon deeper inhales, however, you might notice a spicy and skunk undertone that is not always apparent. Indeed, it is one of the best tasting Sativa strains there is.

The potent buds of Purple Power have a moderate high that lingers for a few hours. It has a clear and uplifting high that can also make you feel relaxed. But it doesn’t make you lazy, so you can consume it during the daytime. The sweet buzz ends in a mellow way.

Purple Power has some healing properties that makes it perfect for medical use. Smoking this strain can help ease your migraine pain, as well as arthritic pains. A lot of people use it to fight depression since it has an uplifting effect. Patients of glaucoma can also try out this kush for improved results.

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