Sweet Mints


A well-balanced, near 50/50 hybrid from the Cookie family. Sweet Mint stays true to its name. A subtle bouquet that evinces a nice, chocolate-like sweetness is enveloped by a dank earthy fuel that emerges when you crack open the buds. That fuel carries over to the flavor profile, where it is less pronounced, but complemented nicely by a cherry sweetness with a crisp mintiness on the exhale. As rich in flavors as it is colorful—round buds with varying hues of blue, purple, and forest green with bright orange pistils that are glazed in trikes. Sweet Mint is the ideal strain for both Cookie lovers, or just anyone wanting a nice, well-balanced flavor experience.

Moderate THC content, with deeply calming full-body effects means that it will satisfy many of the specs for heavy indica lovers, but will be absent absent from the heavy sedation or introspection that can sometimes accompany it. A pronounced cerebral high provides an energized, uplifting effect that comes in waves after the first initial puff. Users reported great help in appetite stimulation, chronic back pain, and inflammation, while the uplifting properties potentially help to treat symptoms of PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Going to a concert or a party? Give Sweet Mint a try. The creative, energizing qualities are buoyed nicely by its calming effects. And the balanced nature of this blend makes it ideal for social gatherings.

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